Role of a Private Health Insurance Exchange from an Organizational Standpoint


Traditionally, the role of a private health insurance exchange has been pivotal in large organizations where employees have their own health insurance options and a chance to choose their insurance. With Obamacare, however, the marketplace model has really picked up, which is why this growth is highly probable in a very short time.

A solid example of this growth is the adoption of these exchanges by major organization for processing employee health benefits. The exchanges are making it easier for organizations to manage their health insurance by controlling overheads of administration and management. Earlier, a lot of manpower used to be spent into managing health benefits of an organization, particularly in large employers.

However, with these exchanges, the process has transformed into a self-service mechanism where employees can look at the available health insurance options and choose what they need in a defined contribution model or whatever plan of contribution their employer has decided. The flexibility and freedom is unprecedented, and that’s another solid reason why private exchanges will continue to grow.